So What Now?

When we set out to tell the story of tanks at the beginning of last July, we didn’t have all that much of an idea about how well the idea we had on paper would look in practice, whether wee’d get stuck in the middle of it due to sources, or whether we were even capable of putting it together. To be fair, we’ve encountered some of those problems at various points throughout these months, but we’re incredibly excited to have the finale of season one launch today. From the outset we were indebted to people like yourself who supported the show through social media, reviews on iTunes, and on Patreon. It’s been the foremost factor in continuing to push us to improve the show in every way we know how and then some. We can’t wait to bring you more.


A few requests/updates as we close out the season.


In order to make sure we keep improving where it’s most important, we’d like to continue hearing from you. On this page we’ve drawn up a set of questions that will help us get a better sense of how you’re listening to the show and where we can improve. As always, if there’s anything we’ve missed, feel free to get in touch with us via social media or

Inter-season Episodes

In the following months, we’ll be telling some one-off stories that we either couldn’t fit into this season, or ones that just really interest us. We’ll play around with the format of these episodes in order to keep them coming out at a relatively quick clip while also allowing us to start work on season two. For some of these episodes, they’ll come out as bonus episodes for supporters of the show on Patreon (so it’s a great time to sign up!). Others we’ll release through our standard channels on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you might listen to War Stories. We think you’ll enjoy these.

Season Two

As we near the end of summer, we’ll start up season two of the show. We’re not quite ready to announce the topic we’ll cover, but rest assured it’ll be the same great War Stories with some further refinements in how we do things.

1.8 – Where Do We Go From Here?

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Over the past seven episodes, we’ve traced the development of armored warfare through the end of traditional, horse-driven cavalry to the armored warfare of Desert Storm. But as military planners and politicians face asymmetric threats and limited conflicts around the globe, how should we look at the role of tanks?

Music in this episode was brought to you by: Blue Dot Sessions, Disinter; Jack Anderton, Gully