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About the Show

War StoriesĀ is a narrative audio show focused on stories at the heart of conflict. In each season, hosts Adin Dobkin and Angry Staff Officer focus on a particular component of warfare (think “armor and tanks,” “snipers,” or “guerrilla warfare”). Over the course of a season, the arc of that topic’s development is traced from inception to the present day with each episode focusing on a particular story at a key point in its development.

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War StoriesĀ is a labor of love, but with your support, we continue to build the quality and quantity of episodes of the show. Supporters on Patreon get perks like bonus episodes, episode transcripts and resource guides, and access to a behind the scenes feed. To learn more and sign up, visit us on our Patreon page (closed during our hiatus).

Image credit: U.S. Army Center of Military History

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