2.5 – A Duel in the Trenches

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We know World War I for a number of things: trenches, poison gas, the ever-present thrum of artillery. But it also served as the birthplace of the sniper. And one of the best couldn’t be found on the Western, or even Eastern Front. Instead, Billy Sing fought on the shores of Gallipoli.

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2.1 – Edward Braddock Walks into a Bullet

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What is it that makes a good marksman? Is it their training? Their weapon? Maybe they’re just born that way, or raised with a rifle in their hands. In our Season Two premiere, we take a look at the shift to the modern rifle and the individuals who sometimes had the power to change the course of an entire battle with their weapon.

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Armor from a Long Time Ago…

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In our second interseason episode, Angry Staff Officer and Adin look at the tragic decline of armor in the Star Wars universe and explore why it might have occurred.

Platforms Discussed (in order of appearance):

Armored Assault Tank (AAT)

NR-N99 Persuader

IG-227 Hailfire

Armored Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE)

HAVw A6 Juggernaut

All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT)

All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST)

TX-225 GAVw Occupier

1.8 – Where Do We Go From Here?

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Over the past seven episodes, we’ve traced the development of armored warfare through the end of traditional, horse-driven cavalry to the armored warfare of Desert Storm. But as military planners and politicians face asymmetric threats and limited conflicts around the globe, how should we look at the role of tanks?

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